Belegte Semmeln mit Schinken und Salat auf schwarzem Brett

Occupied rolls

Knackige Salate mit Kopfsalat, Kurken, Tomaten, Karotten, usw.


Wraps mit leckeren Zutaten


American Sandwiches

American Sandwiches

Brotzeitbrote mit Käse und Tomaten auf Teller

Snack breads

Focaccias und Paninis auf Teller

Focaccias & Paninis

Sandwich & More

“From baker to snack maker” is also part of the REINERS bread & snack philosophy. Up to 15,000 sandwiches, snacks, salads and toppings as well as desserts are freshly prepared every day in our own, fully air-conditioned production rooms.

Consequently, REINERS bread & snack is also a leading producer of snack food catering products for the fast growing field of consumption outside the home.